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Dating ibanez ts9

Boss sd-1 super overdrive mods ebay beware beware modified sd1s on ebay claiming to have analog man mods but done by someone else from looking at the pictures.Learning how to troubleshoot electronic circuits is one of the handiest skills anyone can have if they are building or modifying amplifiers or effect pedals.At some point you’ll power-up a circuit and find that it doesn’t work, and then what?For this reason we write “The Repair Bench” section of Guitar Kit Builder about our own troubleshooting of amplifiers and other devices, to pass along to the reader the thought process, tips and techniques of troubleshooting electronic equipment.Viewing the underside of the printed circuit (PC) board showed it to be clean, with no evidence of prior repairs, which is always a welcome finding.

And it’s also the first one to bear the ”Tube Screamer” name, so that’s where we start.

The silver label from the back of the pedal was missing, so the serial number could not be identified, but this appears to be what Analogman calls a “2nd version reissue” due to the “Maxon” imprint on the inside of the battery cover.

Opening the case we found the printed circuit board marked “Maxon KU” with a Toshiba TA75558P op amp chip.

I've got an sd-1 i haven't tried using it as a boost (i also don't own a high gain amp anymore ), but i sort of prefer it to a tube screamer i like.

Five boss oddities and rarities though one might think that the omnipresent ds-1 was boss’ first compact pedal the ds-1, od-1, sd-1, ph-1, ph-1r, ce-2.

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The pedal in the picture is my own beat-up pedal – originals obvisously have a red LED 🙂 Note: The ”9” series also contained the TS-9s bigger brother: the ST-9 Super Tube Screamer. They kept the Super Tube Screamer instead (but moved the mid boost’s position to after the distortion stage) and called it ”Super Tube” (STL), The Master Series only lasted until 1986, when it was replaced by the ”Power Series” – which is when the number ”10” started appearing in the model names.