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The younger generation of Kuwaitis did not viscerally experience the Iraqi occupation and may come to question the value of the U. As one senior Kuwaiti security official observed: “When I open my land and sea to the United States and I’m still called a freeloader, there is something very wrong.” This deterioration in the tenor of bilateral diplomacy comes at a time when senior U. officials in the region consider Kuwait to be “as important of a strategic military partner now as it ever was.” The delegation met with top political and security officials, members of parliament, economists, and private sector representatives. Beginning in 2003, Kuwait provided the main staging area for military operations in Iraq.

In early 2016, thousands of oil workers went on strike to protest pay cuts proposed by the state-run Kuwait Oil Company.

This is a conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran as nations.

The more we view this conflict as sectarian, the greater the danger to Kuwait.” The country’s impressive track record as a humanitarian donor to the Syrian crisis builds on a long tradition of using development and humanitarian assistance as a major tool of regional statecraft.

While relations between the opposition and ruling family remains tense, the public battle over succession has quieted.

Furthermore, the Kuwaiti government is no longer alone in calling for economic reform.

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