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Femen has been associated with taking stands against Shariah and some Muslim governments, and seems to be inviting Muslim women to join the movement.While Femen’s approaches are not necessarily anything new or surprising at least in the Western world, everything is contextual.In an environment like France where many feminists, including Muslim ones, insist that taking a woman’s clothes off (i.e.niqabs and hijabs) means freedom, Femen just comes along to perpetuate the lack of understanding.

who told them that all Muslim women need another Western advocate to take their clothes off?Topless protests may work wonders in some parts of Eastern Europe and France, but may not be welcomed in other environments.In addition to the issue of “getting naked” and encouraging Muslim women to take off their veils further shows lack of understanding among different feminist groups internationally.For the members, Femen sets itself apart from traditional Western feminism in that they aim to advocate for a “real women’s revolution” where women do not have “to be like men” to be recognized in society.Femen pursues many of its political goals by holding topless protests (although most of their members remain dressed).

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Not recognizing the other’s need to find gender equality in different ways, or assuming that a certain level of covering or uncovering will be synonymous with equality, just serves to deny other women’s experiences and needs.

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