Dating for men with long hair

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I like the idea of snuggling with my face pressed up against their hair. However, when it’s hot, that move is definitely a no go.

Based on my indecisiveness about guys with long hair and many a conversation with my girlfriends, I bring to you 10 long hair styles that women both hate and love on men.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... One fact of life is that people WILL stereotype you based on how you look. Instead of arguing with reality, accept it and work with it. Have a friend take TWO DOZEN well-lit outdoor pictures. What I find repulsive is older men sporting grey ponytails, balding on top with scraggly, unkempt white beards. Sorry, I mistook you for another long-haired musician on Profile Review.

I’ve always thought that if horses were people they would have rocker length hair. Better yet, being able to share hair treatment tips with one another, who doesn’t love a good hair maintenance tip?You're a good-looking man and this should be reflected in your photos.The profile review forum, as other have suggested, is a start. While these men see themselves as rugged individuals, they all look the same.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^The skullett is the worst.. Guitars are hot too at any age.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^No way. Maybe you need to come up with something else to blame your lack of success on? If your goal is to attract more women then you need to present yourself in a way that is attractive to a larger percentage of women.Use a high-quality digital camera, not a cellphone. or he has a image to keep up at work ( shampoo model ??? someone who plays football for the Pittsburgh steelers and known for his hair, does TV commercials, the model of a cover of a series of romance novels..growing it because he is in a movie and the character must have long hair...there is no problem ..................... Where does it say in the rule book you need to have long hair to be a musician? You look younger than the poster to whom Literate Hiker referred, but all is quite fine.

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Select the best eight images and upload them to this website, including a brief description for each pic. But you can get a nice stylish short haircut tomorrow and you STILL will have probs getting replies OK? People have preferences and all we should do is respect that in others and enjoy our right to have our own.

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