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They don’t take rejection personally and often view it as a flaw on the other person’s behalf as opposed to feeling bad about themselves.In other words, they think it’s the other person’s loss.I printed this out and put it on the bulletin board.I am now realizing I have a huge fear of rejection.Many people fear rejection as they’ve become conditioned to always trying to please others.Be aware of when you’re feeling this way and learn to say ‘no’ to people when their demands or requests seem unreasonable to you.I noticed she tried and I felt uncomfortable when she was on her phone. Let women do the approaching since it is their choice in the end.Oh I cannot live my sad existence without your wisdom, my life is so shallow I have to run everyone's life who I come in contact with. I'm sad but hey I don't deserve anything else, I am not worthy!

A confident person realises that rejection is simply a part of the risk of living and that, in order to grow spiritually, we all have to take the occasional risk and step outside of our comfort zone.

Play out a few scenarios in your mind of instances where you’d usually be faced with a fear of rejection and envisage a successful ending to the scenario where your wishes are granted and you get the outcome you were hoping for.

In practising this technique, you’ll start to feel more confident that the outcome you want is going to happen and that will become a replacement for the feelings of fear and inevitable failure that you’ve trained yourself to expect.

If we feel negative about ourselves, rejection can trigger off a number of other feelings.

We can start to feel humiliated, lonely, pathetic, not good enough, useless, inadequate and a loser.

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