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Hitler was ambivalent on the idea but seems to have at least supported some parts of it at some points. (speaking of “his relationship with Jews”, he brings up in his own defense that two of his ex-girlfriends are Jewish) I haven’t seen anyone present any evidence that Livingstone has any different attitudes or policies towards Jews than anyone else in his general vicinity.

But it seems fair to say that calling Hitler a supporter of Zionism was at the very least a creative interpretation of the historical record. I don’t think even his worst enemies suggest that during a hypothetical Livingstone administration he would try (or even want) to kick the Jews out of Britain, or make them wear gold stars, or hire fewer Jews for top posts (maybe he’d hire more, if he makes his hiring decisions the same way he makes his dating decisions).

There have since been a bunch of news reports on how Trump was (according to the Washington Post) “ahead of his time in providing career advancement for women” and how “while some say he could be boorish, his companies nurtured and promoted women in an otherwise male-dominated industry”.

According to internal (ie hard-to-confirm) numbers, his organization is among the few that have more female than male executives.

Except of course the entire media, which seized upon it as a single mass. Fellow British politician Ken Livingstone defended her, and one thing led to another, and somewhere in the process he might have kind of said that Hitler supported Zionism. During the Nazi period in Germany, some Nazis who wanted to get rid of the Jews and some Jews who wanted to get away from the Nazis created the Haavara Agreement, which facilitated German Jewish emigration to Palestine. Does he just say dumb things, or do the dumb things reflect some underlying attitude of his that colors his relationship with Jews in general?

So, all these fibers flying everywhere from natural sources. So you tend to always find a few embedded in (and under) scabs or any mucus-like stuff you have one your body.

Blanche Sprague, the executive vice president who handles all sales and oversses the interior design of my buildings, is one of the best salespeople and managers I’ve ever met.

Norma Foerderer, my executive assistant, is sweet and charming and very classy, but she’s steel underneath, and people who think she can be pushed around find out very quickly that they’re mistaken.

Right now you are surrounded by billions of fibers.

This is perfectly natural, since fibers are everywhere.

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Everyone has them, just most people don’t notice them, since they don’t look closely enough.

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