Dating an emasculated man

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No one had told them that was allowed, surely it was against the rules! I remember feeling no satisfaction or honour in defeating a weaker adversary but sometimes, especially in the case of a bully, personal satisfaction and honour is not the point—standing up to their aggression is. K., 80 percent of primary schools have three male teachers or less, one quarter of primary schools have no male teachers at all, and some towns have 65 percent single mother families. A young boy can go to school and have no adult male role model, and then return home and have no adult male role models.

Men have been subjugating women for centuries; now, they’re getting payback. The fox has turned on the hounds and she’s packing a punch, or a kick to the balls.I do not seek to apportion blame here, on either side, but simply to address this question from the seldom-heard voice that is the object of the question itself: good men. The spectre of divorce is another contributing factor in the conspicuously expanding man-deserts.The last 100 years of suffragettes, feminists, and political correctness have challenged and continue to challenge thousands of years of patriarchy—and rightly so. Many men, having seen their fathers broken by divorce, fear the loss of their assets, their homes, and their children and are simply stacking their chips, choosing not to gamble, and checking out of the marriage casino.Equality is not always sameness, and sameness is not always equality.For example, women have equal opportunity to go to war and fight side by side with men, but the physical standards to allow them to do so are not the same.

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But the nature of men when faced with a fight is to fight back, either psychologically or physically. The relentless competitive struggle to determine who wears the trousers is simply a turnoff for many men.