Dating advise colums

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Dating advise colums

If you are not Jamaican and can cook Jamaican food, you .

Like putting a lot of lotion all over his body, or talking loudly with friends when they are having a good time, or playing reggae music really loud in the car while he drives.

I began dreading my hair in Oct 2009, now it is may of 2010 and I love my dreads. I am african american and dread my hair for spiritual reasons. When I began, I was doing it partly as an experiment, and partly hoping it would dread.

What advice do I have for someone just starting out. When I started, Jah let me know, that locks are for me.

My straight advice to you, dating a Jamaican man, “Keep you opinions too your self” just be a good listener, allow time to smooth out any situations pertaining to his family.

As black people, we tend to have a very low threshold of when we sweat, and when that sweat starts to “stink!

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Be sure to sleep with your hair covered in a silk scarf. different hair textures mean different “matting” rates of speed.