D link dir 300 updating firmware

Posted by / 03-May-2020 23:14

If you still have problems, it seems to be supported by Open-WRT, so you can try that. I do not have the A1 revision if I recall correctly but I had the same issue.The latest DLINK firmware for the DIR-600 does not allow you to install DD-WRT so you may have to downgrade the firmware on yours.I don't know if the standard 600 firmware would accept the 601 firmware.After this, I could, using the 601's firmware, download DD-WRT. I hope this helps someone save a few hours :) Bounty not required, I guess... A1 and I had trouble re flashing DDWRT on it, well a lot of frustrating trouble.I followed the steps listed on this thread and I now have DD-WRT working again on my router.After some time I got annoyed with no “repeater” option in Open WRT. I was looking at the router database to find the files to try to requires DIR-601 A1 firmware.

You may have uploaded a file that is not intended for this Gateway, or the uploaded file may be corrupted.

I've heard that they are interchangeable but I can't find out what I'm doing wrong to install DD-WRT on my router.

The only thing that I can think of is if there is a kill firmware that I overlooked to allow me to install the firmware.

Then, I noticed this line: I can't believe I didn't notice this before!

I quickly found the firmware for the 601 a1 and, using Open WRT, uploaded the 601 firmware.

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