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Cultural perceptions of dating

Teachers already have an overcrowded curriculum and they are not adequately trained to teach culture. Just as every other discipline has focus and goals, the solution to teachers' problems would be to define the skills that students need to acquire when it comes to learning a FL, the skills that students need in order to increase their ability to communicate across cultures. Testing Understanding of the Foreign Culture//Seelye, H. Springfield, IL: Office of Public Instruction, 123-127.) The study of culture involves time that many teachers feel they cannot spare in an already overcrowded curriculum; they content themselves with the thought that students will be exposed to cultural material later, after they have mastered the basic grammar and vocabulary of the language.Here are some goals, devised by Seelye in 1974 and refined in 1993, that will help teachers select cultural data that will increase student skill in intercultural communication. Teachers should be made aware of the fact that this "later" never seems to come for most students.

Knowledge of linguistic structure alone does not carry with it any special insight into the political, social, religious, or economic system.

3) Techniques/activities - learners examine and make statements about themselves, - reflective writing, - feedback on above activities. We have already concluded that teaching culture needs to be integrated in the curriculum of the foreign language.

4) Note - learners themselves are the subject matter in a process of guided self-discovery, as they study their own values and their reactions to those of the culture. Teachers do indeed need to teach students a few critical skills that can help them develop and improve the quality of their intercultural communication, that can help them "get their feet wet in the waters of another culture." (Seelye 1993, preface) However, it is not easy to determine what to teach. And within each type of culture, what should teachers focus on? Perspectives for Teachers of Latin American Culture.

The statistics for White-Asian interracial marriages in the San Francisco Bay Area are even more extreme - something like a 4 to 1 ratio for White males versus Asian males.)As a result, the odds are against Asian males romantically.

Not only are there fewer possible marriage prospects due to Asian women marrying outside the race, but trying to do likewise (date White females) is an uphill battle for Asian males. Once in a while, when meeting new people, I'll be surprised and taken aback by how friendly a lady is to me.

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