Corvette ls2 2016 ecu updating girls guide to dating girls

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Corvette ls2 2016 ecu updating

In fact, on the LS3/L92 you can reuse the LS1 style exhaust rocker (just not the intake).LS7 rockers on the other hand are 1.8:1 ratio, and quite a bit different than even the LS3 (1.7:1 ratio).They are faster computers with more features and tuning parameters, such as the ability to control the 6L80E and 6L90E transmissions, Flex Fuel, VVT, and more. Top left is a traditional 78mm cable-operated F-body-style throttle body while the two below it are electronic truck throttle bodies. The top right is a 78mm C5 unit, and then there is the 90mm LS3 with the gold blade and the 90mm LS2 with the silver blade.Of course, you can always throw an aftermarket ECU into the mix, which alleviates some of these concerns. The LS2 is compatible with E40 and earlier PCMs, but the LS3 is not and vice versa since the blade opens in the opposite direction.Moving on to the short-block, there are some notable differences between the Gen III and IV.The block itself has different knock sensor locations.There are some serious durability concerns using these in performance applications (especially with boost).

By 2009, cathedral port use was mostly restricted to just the 5.3L engines while all but the LS7 used the LS3/L92-style rectangular port.In terms of price, going the Gen III route can be more economical, but these days we'd venture to say it is nearly a wash in terms of the engine itself.The Gen IV, though, is typically a more expensive ECM and it requires an electronic throttle body with a corresponding gas pedal.For this reason, many swappers prefer the Gen III style with a cable throttle body.But the E38 and E67 controller, as well as the drive-by-wire throttle bodies, do offer a level of refinement and control not found in earlier models.

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