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So these links are far-reaching, with a broad spectrum of benefits.

It is important that the LNMC is recognized as a key development player regarding Mekong activities.

So, to take flooding as the case in point, Lao government policies will be fed into MRC projects related to flood management, irrigation, hydrology, environment, monitoring, mapping and so on.

FIGURE 2 Information flows from the MRC to the Lao PDR line ministries Once information from the various ministries has been collected from the four National Mekong Committees, the MRC compiles this raw data to produce Flood Forecasting Sheets using the Streamflow Synthesis and Reservoir Regulation Model.

This is particularly important with respect to flooding, as there is much to be saved and gained through cooperation.

In the future, however, the National Mekong Committees (NMCs) could consider broadening our responsibilities.

Similarly, information regarding regional issues can be communicated to the relevant line agencies, so department staff can learn from the experience of others, and ensure that policies reflect the interests and well being of the region. With expertise in hydrology it is working on the hydrological network in cooperation with the relevant ministries on improving the hydrometeorological stations in Lao PDR for higher levels of accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness.In human terms, the 1995 flood affected 153 398 people in the Vientiane Plain (out of a total population of 653 013 persons), 26 603 households, or 427 villages.This is just one example of the many areas affected by flooding every year.Flooding occurred in the Vientiane Plain, the Bolikhamsay Plain, Champassak Plain, Sebang Fai Plain, and the Sebanghiang Plain (see Map 1).The importance of this situation to the Lao PDR cannot be denied.

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This information is then distributed to the riparian countries through the National Mekong Committees for national action.