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Mom managed to work two of her fingers into Sandhya's body and the reaction was immediate. As Mom worked the fingers in and out, fucking her lover with her hand, Sandhya aunty's groans intensified. Mom licked at Sandhya aunty's clit again and Sandhya gave a cry which turned into a moan.

I was overwhelmed by the smell of pure sex that felt like a physical force hitting me in the face as I opened the door. Everything changed as I looked up at my mother's king size bed. She kissed the older woman, then followed her lips as they kissed their way down the woman's neck, over her collarbone, between her breasts, and finally reached her belly.

Sighing at the beautiful site, Sandhya aunty reached down, and stroked it until it was fully erect, which didn't take long.

"Lean your body forward and guide it inside me," Sandhya instructed.

As she took her time pleasuring Sandhya aunty, Mom's dick was so hard it hurt.

Mom reached down under her peticoat and pulled the petticoat up and panty aside, letting her 8 penis and her enormous testicles out.

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Then she slowly withdrew until the purple head was peeking out.