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It’s obvious that while Reindeau was building to a price point, the Oracle name is on this product, and the Paris lives up to the quality/performance expectation associated with the marque.

While the Linn Sondek LP12 exudes a reserved, Scotch-on-the-rocks, leather-bound-books confidence with its rich Rosewood plinth, polished cast-aluminum platter, and old-school rocker power switch, the Paris I received was all glossy-red, muscular angles, and space-age materials with a sly wink to French high-fashion in my eyes.

It is a semi-floating design with the similar purpose of the Delphi suspension system which is to keep the unwanted energy out of the record playing surface.

The combination of MDF for the plinth, fibreglass for the suspension rods and urethane rubber allowed us to reach a very efficient level of isolation.

Duke Ellington playing piano well behind the pre-amp? That depends on many variables, and the biggest in my experience is always going to be audio nirvana with a number of outstanding choices available, but here I’m going to concentrate on two made available to me: the Linn Sondek LP12, and Oracle Paris MK V.

This review was originally imagined as a knockdown, drag ’em out battle between these two similar-priced analog rigs (approx.

While the LP12 came into being in 1972 from the mind of Scotsman Ivor Teifenbrun, and has since continually acquitted itself as one of a handful of top-tier transcription turntables of choice for three generations, the Paris is a relative newcomer to the scene, albeit with a rather distinguished lineage.

The Paris (now in its MK V configuration) is a product of Canadian intuition, and was introduced in late 2011 by chief Oracle designer/engineer Jacques Riendeau, the brother of famed Oracle founder Marcel Riendeau.

Think about it: artists can create their music, and press vinyl records, and not be afraid of some jerks pirating their work. You can’t have numerous digital formats that all claim to be the best thing since sliced bread.It begs for attention, and every visitor I had over during its stay immediately checked it out, and commented on its great looks.The Paris comes with an AC-synchronous motor, is belt-driven, and includes the ‘Turbo’ external power supply with umbilical (,755 USD).RA: Once the chassis design was decided upon, how intensive was the process behind determining the material involved for the sub-chassis, plinth, and suspension itself?Looking at the design, one initially doesn’t see a suspended ‘table at all, rather it looks like a low-mass plinth design, did that figure into the design? This is something we never compromise no matter what the budget is.

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