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Chat for sexfiends

They'd spent weeks talking about it and days gathering up enough courage."He noticed us," Susan said calmly."Uh huh," Hannah agreed, "did you see the look on his face? I thought she was joking till I did a little research and found out it'd been done before.""We could always go into the muggle world? That a girl likes you or that it's some sinister plot to destroy the school? He'd really rather avoid another death match with a gigantic, ancient, and venomous creature. He can be a citizen of your country and won't have to hide anymore! "A huge smile broke out and spread across his face. ""I've wanted to be Headgirl since I read about the position in 'Hogwarts a History' and it's the only way I'll be able to now that we're all leaving Hogwarts," Hermione explained."I mean, why did you ask to join my school? The three girls shared a glance and feral grins formed on their faces."Well," Hermione began, "to start with . ."IIIIIIIIIIMinerva smiled as she watched the students file into her room."Today we're going to be talking about the four stages of transfiguration," she began, "can anyone tell them to me? The class progressed and Minerva's sense of wrongness grew and grew until it reached a breaking point."Thanks for the help, Harry." Neville said with a pleased look on his face as he looked down at his completed assignment."Mr. " Minerva gaped at him."I would prefer not to receive any house points," Harry explained, "thank you for the thought though.""You're welcome," she said automatically, "please see me after class, Mr. Minerva was on autopilot for the rest of the class. IIIIIIIIIIThe two Hufflepuff in question turned to regard each other with identical looks of mixed anticipation and nervousness. "It's an awfully big thing after all.""I wrote to Aunt Amelia and she said that he's got the power and that Granger has the grades. "This is serious." He sounded like he was in some ways trying to convince himself."One of them probably just likes you," Hermione continued, "what's more likely? there was Ginny, so it could easily be both at once," Harry said reluctantly. "You have to admit that the three of you didn't spend too much time away from each other.""That doesn't mean that . One of the things you are able to do, since you are establishing your own country, is set your own laws and you can give Snuffles asylum! .""No thank you, Professor," Harry said politely."What? ""Who knows how a boy's mind works," Susan said with a shrug."Yeah . You're due for a patch of good luck," Hermione said, voice firm. well, this is awkward," Susan blandly remarked."Tell me about it," Hannah agreed."What did you mean when you said you were willing to transform? ." What kind of deviant behavior was going on in school if that was a plausible rumor? Oh, that feels nice, he's never hugged me before.' Hermione thought, before returning the hug. Hermione shot Harry a look of support as she walked out of the room."What can I do for you, Professor? ""Yeah," Susan laughed, "I wonder what he's thinking? " she ventured with a look like she'd bitten into something unpleasant. Snape fulfilled his daily requirement for all of that as far as he was concerned."See? "And, if he won't have to hide, I can live with him during the Summers! " And surprising the wits out of Hermione he put his arms around her and pulled her into a hug.'Harry's hugging me! ""One of the rules of the Triwizard is that schools are permitted to recruit students from the other schools," Hannah explained her discovery, "the participating schools have no choice but to let their students go.""As students in your school we're no longer subject to Hogwarts regulations," Hermione added, "though we may still be covered by the house system since it's . .""We get the picture," Susan said gently, "so what are the rules in your school, Harry? " her eyes darted towards her favorite student and she was shocked to see Hermione's hand down. A student refusing house points was unheard of in her experience and thus an indication that something was seriously wrong. " She couldn't believe that they could get away with printing such distorted stories about her best friend."Let's go to the library," Harry said. " Harry growled, directing a dirty look in Hermione's general direction."I'm sure they aren't planning to destroy the school," Hermione said weakly, "right? " Harry asked, all businesses after the door had closed and looking a bit like he expected one of the Puffs to turn out to be the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler."Wait a mo..." Hermione commanded. if you want another boy then I'm willing to transform and . The fact that a few of the spells could help Harry survive the Triwizard was just a bonus."Come look at this," Hannah gasped."What are you looking at? "The rules of the Triwizard, why are you looking at that? you too, Hermione.""Harry," Susan began in an odd voice, "I would like to formally request admission in your new school.""So would I," Hannah was a heartbeat behind her fellow puff."I . "For breathing too loudly.""Will that be all, Professor? Potter."IIIIIIIIIIDumbledore's eyes began twinkling like mad the moment he learned that three of his students had transferred to Harry's school."An elegant solution, don't you think Fawkes? It also allows them to avoid serving any detentions," he added as an afterthought, "masterfully played. Granger in all of this."With that, Dumbledore put the matter out of his head.

Because girls are great, they forgot him and formed a supergroup and arranged to go for cocktails.

If some discuss others with you, they will certainly discuss you with others.” and “Be careful who you share your weakness with.

Some people can’t wait to for the opportunity to use them against you.”once said, “Whenever a taboo is broken, something good happens, something vitalizing.

On an Island in The Sun Harry was miserable, it seemed that everything that could go wrong in his life was happening. "Before Harry could respond, an unexpected voice butted in."Before you do that," Susan cleared her throat, "Hannah and I would like to have a chat with the two of you."Harry muttered something that sounded a bit like 'oh shit' mainly because it was, but at a low enough volume that Hermione couldn't scold him for."Perhaps we could take this to one of the study rooms? " Any number of charms and potions could be used to make a temporary change, permanent was doable but much more difficult."Don't . "Please.""Okay," Hannah agreed, a look of confusion on her face, wondering what the big deal about occasionally switching genders was. Looking up they both seemed to realize they were still holding each other and broke apart, blushing. "And perhaps another group of first years won't be shunned because they lost a few points to a biased Professor." Harry sighed. ." she looked a bit lost."Breathing too loud is one of Snape's favorites," Harry suggested."Thank you, Mr.

"Now.""Okay," Hermione agreed with a shocked look on her face as Harry dragged her out of the Great Hall. "I'm always happy to go to the library but why are you taking me there now? ""Hannah Abbot and Susan Bones," Harry replied, "they keep looking at me.""What kind of look? Go ahead." She said."We, well, we couldn't help but notice that there's an opening in your little trio, and Susan and I were hoping to fill it," Hannah began, sounding rather hopeful. They would be returning to the Hogwarts rolls after the tournament was finished after all and any first year could tell how long their Potions Professor had been known to hold a grudge. .""No thank you, Professor," Hermione replied."What? " he asked in shock."I'd rather not take any points for my answer if it's all the same to you, Professor," Hermione explained. "If I might have a moment of your time, Headmaster Potter.""Headmaster? .""Of course, Headmaster Dumbledore." Harry had a grin on his face that caused a matching one on Dumbledore's.

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