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Charmaine sheh dating

But when you come across someone compatible, then of course there would be thoughts of marriage.

However, Randy was caught secretly dating Naomi earlier this month by paparazzi.

Raymond said that he had initially wanted a private birthday celebration with a few friends, but Kevin suggested to hold a big celebration. When asked what birthday present she had prepared for Raymond, Charmaine patted her bag and walked into the restaurant.

Although there were many guests, Charmaine and Kevin did not deliberately keep a distance at all, and were seen chatting and having fun at the party.

The two were already hitting it off the first time they met each other.

According to someone with inside knowledge, the two are so close with each other that Charmaine would let Randy safekeep her phone when they were out together.

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Their friends also tried to bring the duo together and hoped that they would re-ignite the sparks.