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Case verification and updating tools ppt

Verification and validation are performed in each of the phases of the lifecycle. V & V tasks – Planning: – Verification of contract – Evaluation of Concept document – Performing risk analysis#2.

V & V tasks- Requirement phase – Evaluation of software requirements – Evaluation / analysis of the interfaces – Generation of systems test plan – Generation of Acceptance test plan#3.

Translation of the FS system critical operating parameters, both HACCP plan and PRPs, into specific operating parameters for a given product and process. • What scientific and statistical evidence is available to ensure that the process can meet the specified objectives for food safety? Bad Bug Book, Second edition: gov/Food/Foodborne Illness Contaminants/Causes Of Illness Bad Bug Book/ucm2006773 Verification can answer key questions such as: Are the processes remaining in control?

• How can the FS team demonstrate that the process is effective? Guidelines for the validation of food safety control measures, CAC/GL69-2008, Geneva, Switzerland. Is new information being generated on process variation, product variation and other sources of variation so that variation can be reduced and there is more confidence that a safe product is being shipped into the market?

Validation, verification and monitoring are critical components of food safety and quality management programs.

Table 1[1-3] provides some definitions for validation, verification and monitoring.

• Evaluate that these test requirements, test cases and other specifications reflects the requirements and is fit for use.

In my food safety seminars, I ask food safety professionals to define validation and verification.

This allows for meaningful conversation on the subject. Validation of GMP programs: National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Foods. Requisite scientific parameters for establishing the equivalence of alternative methods of pasteurization.

Producer’s view of quality, in simpler terms means the developers perception of the final product.

Consumers view of quality means users perception of final product.

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V&V tasks – Design Phase – Evaluation of software design – Evaluation / Analysis of the Interfaces (UI) – Generation of Integration test plan – Generation of Component test plan – Generation of test design#4.

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