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Capital one consolidating credit card debt

Without those high interest rates dampening my spending, I had the cash to pay down that high balance, once and for all.Unlike many things in life, balance transfers are exactly what they sound like: you transfer a balance from one credit card to another credit card.So, although I was often stuck paying fees for my astronomical APR, I was also building credit — and it eventually paid off.A year later, I was able to qualify for an awesome balance transfer credit card with an introductory APR a lot more down to Earth.Even a 5% fee is still significantly less than the average credit card APR, so there’s still plenty of savings to be had.A common hurdle faced by consumers looking to make a balance transfer is not receiving a high enough limit on the target balance transfer card to accommodate their entire balance.However, many credit card issuers prefer you to have some history of on-time payments with your card before they’ll consider a credit limit increase for other reasons.

Balance transfer checks are a simple way to transfer a current debt to your credit card, and balance transfer checks don’t limit you to just credit card debts.

Looking to transfer your balance to low APR credit card, or even take advantage of a 0% introductory offer?

See the table below for a breakdown of all the top offers for 2018 as reviewed by our experts.

While that would have been fine if I’d avoided carrying a balance, not keeping a proper budget meant I almost always had a balance.

But if I lacked other important knowledge, I was at least wise enough to make my minimum payment by the due date each month.

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You can transfer the balance of just about any kind of debt to your credit card with a balance transfer check, including personal or student loans, up to your allowed transfer amount (typically up to 90% of your credit limit).

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