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Cams sexy laevis

The most amazing of tree dwellers are of the genus Chrysopelea, such as the Paradise Tree Snake : these 'flying snakes' can glide from tree to tree by flattening their body to trap a cushion of air beneath.

Many species, such as the Puff-faced Water Snake, have found their niche in tropical streams and ponds, while others can survive in mangrove habitat, spending much of their lives semi-submerged.

Yet, as urea levels drop during rehydration, LDH function is reduced, possibly shunting pyruvate to the TCA cycle.

The authors thank JM Storey for helpful discussions during the preparation of this manuscript.

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Others, such as the Big-eye Whip Snake and Elegant Bronzeback, are master climbers which can easily ascend vertical tree trunks or navigate their way amongst the most slender of branches.

Sea Snakes have taken a watery life to the extreme and are true marine dwellers, though they still need to surface to breathe.

Presented here are a selection of the regions snakes to illustrate this amazing diversity ...

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