Bsd ports updating

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Bsd ports updating

The confirmation prompt can be disabled by using portmaster's "--no-confirm" option.

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The -v option directs portmaster to provide detailed information on tasks performed.

The name of the port should be one of the following: the full name of the port directory as specified in /var/db/pkg, or the full path to the port in the Ports Collection.

After entering the command above, portmaster will recurse through the port and its dependencies (if any) to handle any configuration options.

If configuration options have changed since the last time the port was updated, portmaster will likely prompt for input.

In order to modify the personal information of a user account, run the chpass command against a username and update the file.

Save the file opened with vi editor by pressing Regular Free BSD permanent network settings can be manipulated by editing /etc/file.

Note to Google users: If you arrived here by searching for "update ports freebsd" or something similar, you probably want portsnap, my utility for ports tree updating.

Navigate through the content of the file and add the following line, normally after the root line: Another method that can be used in order to allow a regular account with root powers, would be to add the regular user to system group called wheel and uncomment the wheel group from sudoers file by removing the The process of adding a new user is pretty straightforward.

Just run adduser command and follow the interactive prompt in order to finalize the process.

To install sudo in Free BSD run the following command.

In order to allow a regular system account to run command with root privileges, open sudoers configuration file, located in /usr/local/etc/ directory, for editing by executing visudo command.

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