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“Parser Possibilities: Why Write A Markup Parser.” Presented at Balisage: The Markup Conference 2008, Montréal, Canada, August 12 - 15, 2008. XML and SGML parsers are available that are mature, robust, and widely used.In Proceedings of Balisage: The Markup Conference 2008. It's not like the early days of XML when it seemed that every new week brought a new parser.The markup appears to follow some XML syntax rules, some SGML syntax rules, and some of its own, unique syntax rules. I have even run across a few Word ML documents that were not well formed! *SP represents the various Serve Page markup languages such as ASP and JSP.It is not often that a Java developer attempts to run Java Server Pages thru an external parser.Notice that I have been using the term "markup language parser" instead of "XML parser" for the most part so far. There are four types of markup language in use that I know of: HTML and Doc Book are not included in the list because they are XML/SGML application-level markup languages, not markup meta languages. However, their syntax sufficiently differs from XML and SGML such that normal parsers don't handle them either.They are included to show markup that might require a custom parser to process, and because ml Parser can handle both.Computers in the early days had limited processing power for the individual, which translated to no SGML editor that performed real-time validation and formatting.Therefore, SGML contained many features to minimize the keystrokes required to enter content. The structure of an SGML document is defined by a Document Type Definition (DTD). My general belief is that SGML is still best for defining publishing markup languages.

There is no concept of well-formed documents in SGML, only valid or not valid.

HTML and Doc Book are examples of application-level markup languages.

The dual use of the term "markup language" is especially confusing to non-technical people.

It is an SGML subset with just enough syntax differences to prevent processing markup files with each other's tools.

I know because I tried for years to treat markup as SGML for some tools and the same markup as XML with other tools with limited success.

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" A markup parser basically reads data that contains application-level markup, extracts tags and attributes from the markup, and generates some output.

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