Best friend and ex boyfriend dating

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Best friend and ex boyfriend dating

It will hit him where it hurts and these girls have done exactly that: I had a boyfriend of two years, but I always flirted with his best friend behind his back.Our flirtationship was like a forbidden fruit, it got so bad because there was obviously sexual chemistry between us.My boyfriend’s best friend on the other hand was sexier, cheekier and just all round more fun.Long story short, they didn’t treat us very nicely, so my best friend and I made a deal where we would just “switch” the relationships, by getting with them behind their backs.

At this precise moment you realise you’ve made a huge mistake – that’s how it normally goes.

And they’ve hated each other ever since, but I’m not even sorry.

I cheated on my (now ex) boyfriend of nearly four years with his best mate. My ex was the typical nice guy fuckboy who was actually a controlling, manipulative dick head.

Annoyingly they’re still really good friends, which means they probably sit and bitch about me together, but that just means I’m worth talking about so go for it boos!

I’ve recently decided that rather than seeing this as me being trash, I’m just seizing the day or any man I want, even if they’re my ex’s best friend.

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Obviously, it didn’t work out and the boys found out.