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Benefits of dating a divorced man

Among first marriages, the share of women who were still married at their fifth anniversary declined from 93.0 percent for those married (Kreider and Ellis 2011).

These divorce and marriage-duration trends suggest that, over time, increasing proportions of women will be divorced when they reach retirement, which has implications for their retirement security generally and their Social Security benefits specifically.

However, among older women, those who are divorced have dramatically lower incomes and higher poverty rates than widows and most other Social Security beneficiaries (Weaver 1997).

It also updates Butrica and Iams (2000) with projections generated by an updated microsimulation model.

After falling slightly, rates leveled off in the mid-1980s; but in a historical context, they were still relatively high (Ahlburg and De Vita 1992; Da Vanzo and Rahman 1993; Goldstein 1999; Norton and Miller 1992; Stevenson and Wolfers 2007).

Most individuals who divorce will remarry, but the remarriage rate has decreased, and second marriages also often end in divorce (Norton and Miller 1992).

If she is entitled to a retired-worker benefit that is less than the auxiliary benefit, she is "dually entitled" and supplements her retired-worker benefit with the difference between her retired-worker benefit and the full auxiliary benefit to which she would be entitled.

Finally, if she is entitled to a retired-worker benefit that exceeds the auxiliary benefit, she receives only the retired-worker benefit.

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They can also receive widow benefits from a prior marriage that ended in widowhood.

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