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But next time I'm in Sydney (which might be in a few weeks, my partner's there right now) if I have time I'll shoot you a pm, and if you're in Melb do me the samecheers bro market.We're trying to sell Dick in a competitive and oversaturated market.I met a former fat girl who was obviously making up for lost time with the men. Trouble was, she had a tremendous amount of really bad loose skin all over her.Really nice girl and all, and good on her for getting herself down to a normal size, but man, her body was a disaster. lots of betas have frighteningly low standards otherwise how would some of those landwhales (ughh! (shudder)I have a friend who during his first year residency as a dr, one day came over to my place to get stoned after a long shift and he was telling me how he was currently working at a public hospital in a lower socio economic area (full of westies and bogans) as the 'obstetrics registrar' and said to me when I asked how work was, and he said "It's making me sick as all I am doing is delivering babies to these morbidly obese women with insipid skinny little husbands"I his disgust and I'm sure the 'obese bitch/skinny father with a 'big dick' (that can reach past the fat! It's frightening Getting pregnant whilst morbidly obese (or over 35, for that matter) should count as child abuse.Shouldn't the consequences suggest the prudence of some sort of licensing system?

Simply by being 'not fat' she can demand top shelf products. I'm open for a new acquaintance and a relationship with a man who is looking for a serious relationship. I like to travel and have place I call home to return to.I enjoy deep connection with people and am generally egalitarianist ( not only in relationships).Just because we come equipped with a factory for making more of us doesn't change that.Either you are competent to bear and raise a child, or you aren't, and if you aren't and we let you do it, the social cost is .

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It shows she has some willpower, and has actually had some amount of struggle in her life; she might even have developed a personality!

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