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You NEVER see her photographed with Black Hollywood or at Black events. If Aisha's one of those blacks who hate blacks, I'm disappointed, but there are more black male stars with white women than there are the opposite. There's always going to be someone who wants to tear down a skinny, pretty woman like Aisha. You wouldn't see Jennifer Aniston photographed with Black Hollywood or at Black events either. And 3 of them have the exact same "reasons" for only dating white, hispanic or asian women and hating other black guys.

If she hates blacks, she must be very humiliated having to interact with that fat black woman comedian or whatever she is on The Talk. Accusing her of being an Oreo is something I'd imagine a fat, bitter slob like Sherri Shepherd would do.[quote]You NEVER see her photographed with Black Hollywood or at Black events. The 4th hates his mom so won't date black women, but doesn't have a problem with other black guys.

Was disappointed that it is so hard to find this elusive husband that is mentioned so much.

The pictures I have seen appear to be Aisha standing behind or near a poster of a man.

Actress Aisha Tyler was ordered to pay her ex-husband a total of million over the course of four years, leading some Twitter users to take issue.

Jeff Tietjens filed for divorce last year and TMZ reported the terms of their divorce settlement state Tyler must pay Tietjens ,250 in spousal support each month for the next four years.

She probably should host her own talk show.[quote]I like her, but yeah she never really nailed down a career path. I constantly had fantasies about beating the crap out of him. I remember reading a blind item about a black actress in Hollywood that hated black people.

Talked down about them, didn't date black men, etc etc. I know you take those things with a grain of salt but it always made a lot of sense to me.

She showed her stuff on Talk Soup and people have been trying to find something for her to do ever since.Anyway, why are yall claiming racist closet cases as friends?those types of BM try to latch onto me with their bullshit. No thanks I don't need self haters in my circle of friends.I also feel that I am reading a review of Aisha that was created and written by her to support the supposed hot career that just popped up when she got the job on The Talk.She talks first, most, about everything and she has done it all....her tell it.

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