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As if it’s not crowded enough as it is, Walmart seems primed to try and carve out a share of the 55 percent of American households that subscribe to at least one video streaming service, spending a whopping .1 billion a month.If you are a single woman that has been seeing a married man for some time and reading this, chances are that you have already gone through the initial stages of infatuation and blinding bliss.In these initial stages you are not wanting to think too deeply about the realities you are creating in your life by pursuing this relationship.But as things progress and the honeymoon period wears off you start to have questions, you bring them up to you lover, but most likely come away with answers that leave you only partially or not at all satisfied.These questions have to do with what you mean to him, whether or not he will leave his wife for you, how he can justify cheating on his wife, whether or not he has done this before, or is cheating on you now.Getting these answers become more and more important as you become more involved and then obsessed with your lover and realize that you are not as central to him as he is to you.You may find yourself stood up when various situations arise with his family that prevent him from keeping dates.Sitting alone on New Year’s Eve or Saturday night, you feel you have no power at all.

and now, Walmart might be jumping into the video streaming game.

Yet as time goes on, it becomes apparent to you that you frequently feel powerless.

You may eventually be giving ultimatums, only to be put off or given false promises.

It’s like being in a trance, complete with it’s own logic.

When the full reality begins to hit home, it can be a painful and frightening time.

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You may even tell yourself you are helping him to be a better husband by the love and comfort you provide.