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After the last snow fall in febuary 09 I fail to understand why a decision was made by R B C to remove 30 of the 70 grit bins distributed in the Reading area.

In my own case I live in Tallis Lane Southcote and the grit bin which has been available for the residents of Cowper Way and Barn Close also to use for some thirty odd years has now been removed and when i contacted Reading Highways Dept they could not give a satisfactory answer. Today I have witnessed total disruption on the hill/bend where residents have been trying to get to work.

But the real answer is the Berkshire side of the Thames in Henley.

The walk down to to Hambleden lock is the best in the world.

I also worked at the tax office for a while.""I love seventies disco and some of the new jazz artists like Renee Olstead and Michael Buble.

But my favourite piece of music is the Agnus Dei from Gabriel Faure's Requiem Mass.

"Above: Andrew helps a young newsreader at the 2006 Newbury Show.

Research have found that kids achieve higher results in single sex classes than in co ed classes.

Boy's and girl's brains do function in different ways, so they learn very differently.

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