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The two dogs had been in the family since they were 6-weeks old. [source citations] Robert Schafer, 4-years old, was killed by his family's rottweiler-shepherd mix after wandering into its penned area.The girl's family was in the process of moving from the house where the dogs were still being kept to a house about a block away. Harold Love said, "It's still a mystery as to how the dogs were able to get out of the basement where they were kept and why the gate to the backyard was open." The dogs ran out of the gate and attacked Cassidy in the alley. The boy had been playing in his backyard, which was divided into two sections: The front section held a swing set and toys, and the back section penned the dog that was kept on a 20-foot chain.Two days after Sullivan's death, police officers shot and killed two aggressive pit bulls while interviewing Large at her home.Following an investigation, Large was arrested and charged with involuntary-manslaughter.She had been warned that her dogs were dangerous, yet was indifferent and continued to allow them to roam.

Though a grand jury did not indict Dersham on any charges related to Lydia's death, the panel did indict Dersham on nine counts of possession of a firearm, after firearms were found in inside his house during the investigation into her death.

Gamble had taken Sanchez into his home just a few months prior to the incident.

Sanchez helped out around the house, ran errands for Gamble and often fed his two rottweilers.

The dogs, Rocky and Kayla were reportedly "young" and Sanchez had played with them in the past.

Standing at only 5 feet tall, however, she was not large enough to take the dogs for a walk.

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