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The following is the complete article, quoted in translation, originally written in German by Dr.

David Schreter, an Austro-Hungarian general practitioner who claimed to have examined the specimen himself.

The head is large, and looks quite similar to a human being’s.

From the superior portion of the frontal bone across the face to the chin, it measures ten inches [~25cm, that is, about the same measurement as in an adult human being].

This deformed creature has a crown-rump length of three feet [~90cm] and, when placed upon its feet, is about two feet tall.

The genomes produced by this method are the same as those that would be produced by sexual hybridization. A brief mention of another supposed cow-human hybrid appeared in the September 3, 1910, issue of the Palestine Daily Herald, published in Palestine, Texas (source). Davis, deputy sheriff and jailer, and was born only a few days ago.

It simply states that “Sheriff Davis of Orange [Texas] has in his possession a calf with a human head.” A somewhat longer notice, which originally appeared in the Orange, Texas, Leader, was published in the Brownsville, Texas, herald (Oct 17, 1910, p. 9.—Among the freaks of nature to be exhibited here during the fair next week will be a calf with a human head. It has the human head almost perfect, with the natural expression.

It is pronounced a wonder by those who have seen it. The next case is especially remarkable in that it involves a fully viable specimen that supposedly survived for more than a year. 2), a newspaper published in Butler, Missouri: John Griessen, a farmer living near Sedalia [a town in Missouri about 100 miles east of Kansas City], is the owner of a young calf whose head greatly resembles that of a human.

The report appeared in the Butler Weekly Times (Jan. The calf was born August 28, 1906, and was Lilliputian in size, its head and face bearing likeness to a human.

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The frontal and parietal bones define a fontanelle like that in the skull of an ordinary human infant. On its head, from the fontanelle back, it has one-inch-long golden brown hair.