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We weren't too far from the new ball, which was exciting. From here, it gets almost close to impossible for England to come back. Win or lose, the Barmy Army are up and singing again. Broad has totally lost his batting after having his nose broken by Varun Aaron back in England. The ball thudded into his rib area and down he went, scowling in pain. Lyon it is who comes up to Overton to have a look and a word Pat Cummins to C Overton, FOUR, edged and wide of second slip. On a good length and outside off, Bairstow in defending got an edge that didn't go to hand. That nagging line and length outside off, came back in a tad, kept low and Root played a poor stroke. Aleem Dar thought there's an outside edge, just as Woakes prodded in front beside the line of the ball. No way the noise could have come from anywhere else - the bat was far from the pad - so Woakes will have to go. Just couldn't get behind this ball that straightened a touch. Be wary England, for Australia have struck off the second ball of the day! From over the wicket Deepu Narayanan: "Dudley Nurse against Australia in Cape Town in 1950 is the only captain to lose a Test after choosing not to enforce the follow-on." Deepu, you do look excited. "In what has the makings of one of the most extraordinary turnarounds in Test history, England have risen from the dead to be 178 runs from securing their place in history," he writes.

But one has to remember that they just need to draw the series to retain the Ashes. Hang around for the summary, interviews and the post-match presentations. Looks a pale shadow of the man who made a 160 odd at Lord's against Asif and Co. Hazlewood was the surprise choice from Smith to begin proceedings today and he struck off the second ball of the day to get Woakes out. Mo never looked comfortable out there and in Lyon's first over, perished to a sweep. Smith was diving across full-length to his right to try and get to that, but couldn't. All these runs count Hazlewood to Moeen Ali, no run, in the air but in the gap. Hazlewood to Moeen Ali, no run, fuller and slanted across Moeen Ali, left alone This game isn't over yet, these two plus Overton can bat and Broad can throw his bat around. Rising after pitching on a fullish length outside off, Bairstow though did well to shoulder arms and leave. Was trying to keep it out, but it took a tiny bottom edge and Paine won't drop that. Hazlewood has struck in consecutive overs and all of a sudden the target looks so so far away. It definitely is swinging and Root is lucky that the leading edge rolls to point. Woakes c Paine b Hazlewood 5(10)Hazlewood to Woakes, THAT'S OUT!! Hazlewood to Woakes, no run, bowls a full ball there, Woakes gets his bat in front and blocks it outpm local: So Hazlewood will start the proceedings. "When Smith and Hazlewood decided not to review Chris Gaffaneys baffling determination that Cook was not out with the scoreboard reading 0-1 Australia was officially rattled," he concludes.

Smith - captain, Australia: "Was a little bit nervous last night but we always had the faith in the team. I haven't thought too much about the follow-on call. A lot of people have been asking that question (chuckles). Overton hung around for a while, but first ball with the second new ball did the trick and Starc finished off with a five-for. Spanked and it scooted off the middle of the bat Hazlewood to Bairstow, no run, loose from Bairstow. Wanted to duck under a shortish delivery but it was directed straight at him. Impact and hitting is umpire's call and Moeen Ali has to go. Bad shot though by Mo - he went to sweep a fullish flatter trajectory, missed and once he missed, it was left to Aleem Dar who raised the finger. Was a leg-cutter that pitched on a short of length and moved away, too much movement to catch the edge Pat Cummins [14.0-5-29-1] is back into the attack Hazlewood to Bairstow, no run, sharp seam movement. Nips back in a long way from the pitch and coupled with the extra bounce, past the insid edge and brushes the stomach before landing in front of the cordon. Oh my, there's a wave on snicko when the ball passes the bat, so the original decision will stay.

And when Cummins picked Malan late on the fourth day, Australia were back as favourites, much like Hazlewood showed with the wickets of Woakes and Root in his successive overs today. The way he played in the 1st innings after being sent in, I think it was an incredible hundred. A terrific Test match."Marsh - Player of the Match: "Unbelievable feeling. The way the bowlers came out and finished the job was amazing. The way we went about yesterday has to be the benchmark for the rest of the series. The way our senior players stood up and bowled them out for what we did, and then go on with the bat, was excellent. I think there were a few nerves for each individual. Still the dangerous duo of Mo and Bairstow were there, but Lyon got the former out. The inside edge takes the middle stump out and the celebrations begin. Pitched up and outside off, creamed through the off-side. Once you are given out in a scenario like this, mostly the on-field call stays. Moeen Ali lbw b Lyon 2(20)Lyon to Moeen Ali, THAT'S OUT!! Reared up and then moved away just a bit to miss the edge. Pat Cummins to Bairstow, no run, pulled his bat inside the line. Remember that we need sufficient proof to overturn the on-field decision, which is out.It's like watching porn but you tell the cam model what to do, so you can indulge in your wildest fantasies live.Whatever your fantasies, you will be able to find free live sex cams that match exactly what you are looking for!Australia are 2-0 up, and if you pore over the past scorecards, you'll know that there isn't a way back. This is Pratyush Sinha taking leave on behalf of Sreenivas.Cricket continues in Delhi, but let that not mask how mesmerizing this Adelaide Test has been. Until the next time, bask in the glory of Test cricket, the best thing since big bang .. ---Some numbers from Deepu:- England's record in Australia since 2000: Tests 22 | Won 4 (3 of them in the 2009/10 series) | Draw 1 | Lost 17- Teams opting to field first at the Adelaide Oval: Instances 9 | Won 1 | Draw 1 | Lost 7- The last time before today a team won an Ashes Test after getting bowled out for less than 150 in their second innings - Australia at the MCG in 1904, 113 years ago- Anderson's figures of 5/43 is his first ever five-wicket haul down under.

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